Kill La Kill

Kill la Kill is an anime television series produced by Trigger. It follows schoolgirl Ryuko Matoi on her search for her father's killer, which brings her into violent conflict with Satsuki Kiryuin, the iron-fisted student council president of Honnouji Academy, and her mother's fashion empire.

Kill la Kill is set at Honnouji Academy, a fictional high school situated in Tokyo Bay, Japan on the island of HonnĊ City. The school is dominated by its fearsome student council led by Satsuki Kiryuin. Its students wear Goku Uniforms which give their wearers superhuman abilities because they are constructed with a special material known as Life Fibers. Vagrant transfer student Ryuko Matoi, who wields a scissor-shaped longsword that can cut Goku Uniforms, challenges the council as she searches for her father's killer. Although she is initially easily defeated, she finds a sentient sailor uniform that she names Senketsu, a Kamui ("Godrobe") which is completely made of Life Fibers and transforms her so that she can face Kiryuin and her trials and obstacles. She is befriended by her hyperactive classmate Mako Mankanshoku and lives with her family.

    Favorite Characters
  • Ryuko Matoi
  • Nonon Jakuzure
  • Guts (The Dog)